Plastic Pallet Recycling

In recent years other countries have stopped accepting most recyclable waste from the U.S., which led to many service providers restricting the materials they can accept. Plastic pallets were one such item that became difficult to recycle.

To solve this problem, we’ve developed a 3-part Unique Process. Our system involves material collection, sorting & recycling, and custom-blended regrind production.

Material Collection

Plastic pallets are often a byproduct of large manufacturing and distribution facilities. They are stored as a mixed load of many different shapes, sizes, colors and conditions. This makes for a very difficult material to recycle. That’s where we come in, in fact we’ve built an entire process just to solve this specific recycling challenge.

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Sorting & Recycling

Once the pallets have arrived at our plant, they are sorted by plastic composition and material specifications. They are then shredded, blended and granulated, with multiple stages of metal removal in between. The finished product is packaged and ready for shipping.

Custom-Blended Regrind

Our capabilities include producing regrind for both the Injection and the Extrusion segments of plastic manufacturing. We have in-house laboratory testing and can custom blend many different material specifications to meet the individual customer’s requirements.

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