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Service is our style.
Mobile Shredding  
Certified Destruction  
Recovery & Recycling of:  
• Stretch-Wrap  
• Cardboard  
• Paper  
• Metal  
• Plastic  
• Pallets  
    ... & more!  



 Mobile Shredding 

  • Weekly/Monthly Service

We live in an era in which privacy and security are of premier concern, especially to banks and financial institutions, hospitals and healthcare providers, legal firms, real estate offices, accountants and others who handle sensitive personal information.

MCC takes compliant, secure shredding to a higher level. You collect shreddable paper in our secure containers. We bring our mobile shredding units to your site. Our employees take the containers to the truck, and the paper is shredded without ever leaving your site.

MCC employees never come into contact with your documents, and in fact we invite you to watch and supervise the whole process if you like!

MCC offers four different can sizes to help facilitate the collection of the paper for secure storage and shredding. We offer cans small enough to fit under a desk, tall enough to stand next to the water cooler, or large enough for mass storage in a closet or stock room.

  • Purge Shred

At MCC Recycling, we are constantly seeking new ways to add value to our services, and provide new, cost-effective methods to help enhance the environment. One of these is the "MCC Paper Purge," a service often requested by large customers who have big stashes of old file boxes collecting dust in warehouses, statewide.

Not long ago, one of our prominent client companies - a major auto organization - was about to relocate from a facility in which they had spent 20 years. They had thousands of file boxes filled with old, outdated papers. Rather than trashing it, they called us in to shred and recycle all of it. Our truck took care of every last sheet - and it only took 2 days.

Our client was happy to be rid of the huge burden before they moved. And at MCC, we were happy to save some trees - actually, a whole forest of them - by recycling these boxes efficiently and expeditiously. Typically, one tree produces between 7,500 and 12,500 sheets of paper - or 15-25 reams. Or, in another conversion, one tree can produce 1,660 pounds of paper.

With these levels of conversion, we believe that doing an "MCC Paper Purge" can save thousands of trees... and now, can save you money as well. For all new accounts we are offering a 25% discount off our regular prices. It's easy. It's secure. It's fast. It's affordable. It gives you back some of your precious warehouse real estate. And more than anything else, an MCC Paper Purge is the right thing to do for the environment.

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